Bellow in the mist

Bellow in the mist

Bellow in the mist – 300mm; ISO 100; 1/90 sec; f/11 (click image to view larger size)

Richmond Park is a wonderful location, especially in the autumn when the Red Deer rut is on. I’m sure most wildlife photographers would admit that the combination of rutting deer, mist and soft dawn light is definitely a winner!

On the morning I captured this image, the mist was so thick you could not see the deer. Luckily there was plenty of bellowing, so following the sound I knew I would find them easily enough. The hard part was avoiding walking into them!

This stag had a small group of hinds with him and no other stags nearby to trouble him.

After grabbing a few shots that I was happy with, I headed back up the hill. By now, the mist was thinning rapidly as the rising sun burnt it off. Looking back down the hill, I could now see that same stag when earlier it was just a thick blanket of mist. So I grabbed a long distance shot of him, still bellowing away.

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