Esher Common Abstract


Trees – 87mm; ISO 100; 1/4 sec; f/13 (click image to view larger size)

I had read several articles in magazines about Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) as a method to produce abstract images. When done well, they have a very artistic, painterly feel.

On one of my regular jaunts around Esher Common, I tried to accomplish something equally creative.

In it’s simplest form, the technique involves setting a longer than usual shutter speed, maybe half a second, and moving the camera while taking the exposure to create blur. Very simple to do, but not so simple to get a satisfying result! With any given subject my hit rate is about 1 in 10. And the ones I think look great on the back of the camera quite often turn out to be disapointing when seen full size on a PC.

With trees as the subject, I found that I preferred to capture the scene with no sky visible through the trees. When the sky was visible, it produced bright streaks in the image that I wasn’t happy with:


Another compositional technique I liked using to emphasise the light in the image, was standing in dark woods but positioned near the edge, so the natural light coming through the trees would be highlighted in the background:

click on the above images to view in a gallery


Definitely a technique to be explored further.

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