Fuji X-perience Day


Amber – 50mm; ISO 100; 1/250 sec; f/2.0 (click image to view larger size)

I was lucky enough to bag a ticket, along with about 60 other photographers, to a Fuji X-perience day held at the offices of Amateur Photographer magazine.

I was mostly looking forward to getting my hands on a Fuji X-T1 and a selection of lenses to try out a mirror-less system. I’d seen some impressive results from other photographers and I was keen to lighten the load in my camera bag.

But before that, there was a fun portrait session with Damien Lovegrove and engaging model Amber Tutton. Damien demonstrated some simple lighting techniques while explaining some of the useful features found in the latest Fuji cameras. We also had a chance to take a few shots of Amber ourselves:


After a buffet lunch, it was off outside for street photography with Matt Hart. We wandered along the South Bank up to Borough Market and back. Matt gave tips on general street photography techniques and some of the advantages of using a smaller camera.

Back at the office it was time for the hands-on session, assisted by Paul Sanders.

The X-T1 looks and feels like an old film SLR, with it’s plethora of dials on top and the aperture control ring on the lens. The whole thing just felt more natural and easier to use, with some features more easily accessible when compared to my current Canon DSLR.

The day definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of switching to Fuji.

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