Street photography workshop

Street Photography workshop

Street photography workshop – 14mm; ISO 200; 1/3000 sec; f/4.0

After attending a Fuji X-perience day last month that included a session with Matt Hart, I thought I would treat myself to one of his workshops and get some tips on street photography and using my newly acquired Fuji X-T1.

Matt is an accomplished street photographer, a quick look at the images on his web site will confirm that. He’s also an official Fuji X-photographer, so knows the gear inside out.

The group size was small, only six of us, which is always a plus sign for me when booking a workshop. The cost was also very reasonable when compared to other workshops that I looked at.

After a get to know you session over coffee near St. Paul’s, we set off towards the river. Our route would take us over the Millennium Bridge, along the South Bank, a lunch stop in Borough Market then on towards Tower Bridge, back over the river and return to St. Paul’s. About six to seven hours in total.

Along the way, Matt described his approach to street photography and how to keep a low profile so people would not be aware of your presence and the fact that you were taking photographs. Watching him at work – how he held the camera so it wasn’t obvious that he was taking a photograph, how he avoided eye contact with subjects and even misdirected their attention by looking the other way, was very instructive.

Matt had given each of us a theme to consider while walking and watching. Mine was “doubles”, the only other theme I remember from the day was “yellow”. I’d heard this tip before, as a way of focusing your mind when looking for potential subjects. I sometimes use it myself with ongoing mini-projects. One theme I’ve tried over the last year in different locations is “the open door”.

I took over a hundred images during the workshop and here is a small selection:

click on the images above to view in a gallery

Definitely worth attending if you’re looking for some tips on street photography. Check out Matt’s web site for latest workshop dates.

Also, check out the Fujiholics web site that Matt co-hosts. They have workshops and even some free events. You don’t have to be a Fuji shooter to attend!

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