A wander in the garden

Dahlia Bud

Dahlia Bud

The garden in question belongs to my friends who live near Vinhedo, which is about 50 miles (80 km) outside of São Paulo. They have a truly wonderful house and garden and this is the first time I have visited.

With the heat in Brazil, I have become quite accustomed to rising early and this day I was awake before 6:00, so decided to take a wander in their garden as sunrise was almost due. It gave me a good chance to try some macro shots, although I was without a tripod as I was travelling light so everything was handheld.

The main picture of a dahlia bud is set against a lovely warm yellow background. That is actually a wall that forms the side of their pool with a shower mounted on it. Not photogenic you would think when looking at it, but lit by the warm rays of the rising sun and thrown out of focus with a very shallow depth of field, it works perfectly. This is a straight out of camera JPG, transfered over to my iPad with no editing at all. I was amazed at the colours produced by my Fuji X-T1.

I also tried a silhouette of a dahlia flower head against the sunrise. I wasn’t able to find a position that excluded the trees in the distance while including the sun, so they had to remain in the composition. It makes the overall impression a bit dark, but adds a nice outline.

Dahlia Sunrise

Dahlia Sunrise

I spotted some interesting long leaves, like reeds but I don’t know exactly what they were. With brown patches mixed amongst the green, I thought they would look better in monochrome, almost as an abstract with as much as possible out of focus.

All in all an enjoyable wander in the cool of the morning, with a pleasant background of birdsong, followed by an equally enjoyable breakfast!

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