Photo City London


Photo City Exhibition – ISO 400; 14mm; f/4; 1/3200 sec (click image to view larger size)

This is a short post (for me), just to show some images I took while viewing the Photo City exhibition and later while I wandered the streets of London with my X-T1 for a couple of hours and popped into the Tate Modern – one of my favourite locations.

The exhibition was well worth a visit, with Paternoster Square being a perfect location to hold an open air exhibition, although I wish there had been more images to view from the five excellent photographers on display!

It was great to meet and chat with some people I’ve only seen online before, as well as some I’ve spoken to previously. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you again next weekend (August 12th) on the Fujiholics London photo walk.

(click any image above to view them all in a gallery with EXIF data)


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