Missing The Bluebells

Richmond Park

I absolutely love photographing bluebells! While they are not my favourite flower, (that’ll be the Snake’s Head Fritillary), bluebells are my favourite flowers to photograph.

It’s not just the resulting images but the actual process of getting out into the countryside, usually on a solitary outing perfectly happy in my own company and usually in some quiet woodland that I’m familiar with and hardly anyone else around. I can spend hours wandering, looking for the right subject, the perfect setting & background and the light. If I get a good shot, then that’s a bonus!

Last year I missed them due to work and family commitments and this year Covid has prevented me from getting to my favourite haunts in the Surrey Hills before they were past their peak. So I’ll have to try again next year. In the meantime, I’ve managed to find some specimens closer to home – in my garden and in Richmond Park. Neither location has carpets of bluebells swathed over the ground so I had to be content with individual subjects and make the best of the situation.

While I only have a few in my garden, Richmond Park has many but only in small clumps and quite thinly spread out so isolating single stems close up was the best option. And although I wasn’t able to shoot carpets of them, I did enjoy wandering around to find them. Here are some of the results, I hope that you like them:

If you’d like to purchase one of my images, I have several available online here.

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